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#BlogFuel "My Story"

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Today I stumbled upon a post on Instagram with the hashtag #blogfuel and decided to check it out. Turns out it's a challenge of things to post (which I avoid in general because I'm terrible at posting every day, and most challenges aren't business related, which isn't inspiring for me and my brand). The thing with this particular challenge that made me interested is that it's for bloggers. I've been trying to focus my Drowsy Aurora brand on blogging this year (along with my Kickstarter and all that, of course!), so I've decided to take this challenge on. If I can eat Paleo for three months, surely I can post a photo everyday for the rest of the shortest month of the year!

Okay, so technically it's the 9th, which is "behind the scenes," but I thought that starting with "my story" would be more fitting for a first post.

Where to start...

My name is Abby. Basic enough, right?

I currently live in a little city called Ely--named after the eels in the surrounding swampland or "fens", and is pronounced as such, "eel-y"--in England, near Cambridge and about two hours away from London. We have a good selection of shops on the high street, a few grocery stores to choose from, a train station, and soon we'll have a movie theater, which I'm incredibly excited about (we have to drive nearly an hour to get to the closest one right now). I'm not British. I'm not attending University here. How did I get here?

I don't say it much because of what he does and I strive to have my own identity, but my husband is in the military. I'll leave it at that; just know that it's because of his work that we live in England.

We moved here fall 2014, which feels like ages ago. Two and a half years already? So much has happened and so much I still want to do before we leave here. Because of my husband's schedule I haven't had the chance to travel nearly as much as I'd wanted to. We still have another year and a couple months before we move back to the states, so there's time. But I'm sure it'll fly by as fast as the past two and a half years.

I'm an artist. I've been artsy and creative all of my life. I bring that creativity to everything that I do. I of course started Drowsy Aurora focusing on felt dolls, but as many creatives that I've met, I've also created things using other mediums--painting with acrylics and watercolors, paper mache, sewing by hand and machine, knitting/crochet (okay, I get frustrated and bored with this one, but I do have a couple HP scarves I've made), photography, digital art, and perhaps my other biggest love: cooking.

My father-in-law once said I cook the same way I craft. When crafting I rarely use patterns, save for basics that need to be consistent, like the base of a doll or a coffee sleeve. When cooking, I have...basic guidelines for meals, and go by taste rather than exact measurements. If it's something like a cake or pastry, I'll definitely be more exact about the recipe. Crafting I go by sight and feel, cooking I go by sight and taste. I make it up as I go and just know when it's right. 

Originally Drowsy Aurora was going to be handcrafted fabric flowers, for wedding bouquets and the like. Well, I might not have chosen that name if I had opened that shop instead. I created the flowers that my bridesmaids and I used, as well as a bouquet for a friend's wedding. Oh goodness, that was a while ago...

Suffice it to say that I would be in a very different business if I had done that. I wouldn't have made the geeky artsy friends that I now have, and who knows where I'd be! 

Is my life all crafting? It certainly feels like it most of the time. It feels like all I do is cook, clean and craft in my waking hours. I do have a little bit of a life though. I love to workout--weightlifting mainly, though I'm trying to add running to my routine because I hate cardio as a rule. I also don't intend to be a power-lifter or look like one, so I need to mix up my workouts. I'm also involved in a women's Bible study on the local military base, and try to get involved in a few things here and there to keep me sane. I'm going to start playing on the worship band soon, which I'm looking forward to. I haven't really played any instruments since college *coughs-FIVE YEARS AGO-coughs*, but I've been itching to get my musical creative side going again.

Whew! Well, I feel like that touches the tip of the iceberg of who I am. Be sure to follow me to find out more!