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Watercolors are fun: Kickstarter campaign prep

KickstarterAbby MightComment

The last time I used watercolors was probably as a kid. I honestly don't remember using them, but I'm sure that I did at some point, since I've always been artsy. In the last few years I've fallen in love with the modern watercolor paintings (you've seen the watercolor tattoos, right??), so I decided why not? I'm artsy. Worst case scenario I spent $5 on some watercolor supplies and wasn't good at it, right?

Why the sudden urge to paint? I'm working on my next Kickstarter campaign. It's going to be a way to launch my nursery line--it'll help me gauge interest too, so I can see if it'll be popular before I invest hundreds of dollars into it. It'll launch in the Spring, actual date to be announced once I get things on track and have a better idea of timelines.

I'm not pregnant, nor am I trying to get pregnant in the near future. However, I have a nephew and a few friends that are either pregnant or have a little one, so I'm inspired. There are a lot of cute nursery decorations and bedding, don't get me wrong. But I've noticed a lack of cute nursery decor that's also geeky. Most people have to make things themselves with fabric from Spoonflower or wherever to get something that fits the modern nursery style as well as be geeky.

I think modern nursery styles are absolutely adorable and chic, and I think they need some more geeky styles! I plan on making a Doctor Who style, Harry Potter style, and a mermaid and narwhals line to start. I'd love to add on some others if it's as popular as I hope! 

The current plan is to make bibs, blankets, and throw pillows, as well as mobiles and cute hanging banners. I'm excited to see it finally coming together!