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Christmas Sale Interview: The Ramen Empire

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There's just a little more time left! You can support handmade while saving a little this holiday season. There are plenty of geeky items in the 30+ shops taking part, but you can use the coupon for the not-so-geeky items too! And did I mention there's a giveaway too? Visit my earlier blog post for the full details.

The shop:
The Ramen Empire
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Ships domestically
10% off your purchase


The hardest question: what's your name?
Catherine Hoag

How did you come up with your shop name?
I'm a gamer nerd and love all things Japan! So this was always a fitting name for my guilds in online gaming. I thought it was a perfect and quirky fit for my Etsy store since many of my items are video game or anime themed. 

You're at Starbucks. What do you order?
Caramel Latte! Mmmmm!

What's your preferred social media for your shop?
Facebook, its fun and has the most options.

Do you have your shop full time? Or do you do something else too?
I also work full time in a call center...not nearly as fun as Etsy.

You're crafting. What do you have playing in the background?
I hate to admit it, but I stream reality TV in the background. I like it for the noise and that I don't really have to pay that much attention to it.

What's your favorite snack to munch on while you work?

What's your favorite way to relax and unwind after a stressful day of work?
I love binge watching either murder mysteries, anime, or another great show! Unwinding with a book in bed is always nice too. Maybe toss a drink in the mix, why not!?

What's your favorite geeky product to make and why?
I love doing the glitter decal orders. Ummm, they're glitter; need I say more?