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Christmas Sale Interview: Jedi Lizzy's Geek Boutique

Abby MightComment

Black Friday! Have you found any good deals yet? Here's one you can use whether you're home avoiding the crowds (like me) or waiting in line to checkout with that awesome toaster oven that you've been wanting...oh wait, we were supposed to be shopping for gifts today, right? Whoops... Nothing wrong with a cheeky gift or two for yourself!

Use code XMAS16 at 30+ online handmade shops, all with geeky items! Offer expires Nov 30th, so don't wait! There's also a giveaway you can automatically entered into JUST by using the code at select shops!

The shop:
Jedi Lizzy's Geek Boutique
Blue Springs, MO, USA

Ships internationally
20% off your purchase

Alright. What's your name?
Elizabeth ET Robertson

How did you come up with your shop name?
Jedi Lizzy is my screen name for gaming. As a huge Star Wars fan and cosplayer, it was an easy pick.

You're at Starbucks. What do you order?
Grande Mocha Frapp.

What's your preferred social media for your shop? 
Facebook. I understand it the best and use it for auctions and promotions. 

Is your shop your full time job?
I am a stay at home mom to 3 geeklings and do my work at home. I also set up booths at conventions to sell my items.

You're crafting. What, if anything, do you have playing in the background?
My Pandora's Disney station. But it will soon change to a Christmas station.

I don't think I could function without Pandora Radio. Ha! What's your favorite way to relax and unwind after a stressful day of work?
Hanging out with my husband and kids. Either going for a walk catching Pokemon or enjoying an episode of one of our favorite TV shows.

What are you most looking forward to for your business?
Expanding my crafting to new items and vend at more conventions :)