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Christmas Sale Interview: Globes by Jugs

Abby MightComment

This next shop is new to me--it's my first time working with her and I'm excited for you to hear more about her!

You can use code XMAS16 until the end of November at this or any of 30+ geeky handmade shops. Find out more here.

The shop:
Globes by Jugs
Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Ships to US and Canada
10% off your purchase

What's your name?
Amy Lam

In 1-2 sentences, how would you describe your shop?
A somewhat geeky little place to visit. Fandom geared with a side of glitter.

You're at Starbucks. What do you order?
Venti mocha frap with a double shot. Sometimes a triple.

Sounds intense! Do you have your shop full time? 
I wish! I work full time as a campground custodian (glamorous, right?!), and I'm a single mom of six.

Okay, so you're crafting. What do you have playing in the background?
Usually silence, unless the kids are home.

What's your favorite way to relax and unwind after a stressful day of work?
Play some Xbox! I love Halo, Assassin's Creed, BioShock, Skyrim ...I could go on for days!

What's your favorite geeky product to make and why?
The "Bad Wolf" globe because I love painting the graffiti-type writing.