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Christmas Sale Interview: Geektastic Voyage

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You can use the code XMAS16 at 30+ shops this month to get a discount! There really are some fun shops taking part in this year's sale, and I hope you'll join us! Visit my earlier blog post for the full list and more info.

The shop: 
Geektastic Voyage
Stanton, CA, USA
Ships domestically
15% off your purchase
Instagram: @geektastic_voyage

Let's get started! What's your name?
Shannon Nicole Sarratt

How would you describe your shop in a couple sentences?
A mix of different types of accessories made from different types of materials covering a few different fandoms.

How did you come up with your shop name?
I woke up one morning and it was stuck in my head. I tried to come up with a list of names, but that was the one I kept going back to, so I just stuck with it.

You're at Starbucks. What do you order?
Venti Java Chip Frappucino, extra espresso, no whipped cream. 

That sounds absolutely amazing. What's your preferred social media for your shop? 
Facebook. It's easier for me to update since my computer is actually on my work space. Although at times I do get on a pretty good instagram roll. 

Do you have your shop full time? Or do you do something else too?
I wish. I get to craft in peace in the morning when my daughter is at school. She has autism, so 4 days a week after school she has therapy. I also work part time. 

What's your go-to snack to munch on while you work?
Either Gobstoppers, sunfower seeds, or pistachios. 

What's your favorite way to relax and unwind after a stressful day of work?
Snuggles from my kiddo when I first come home. She usually gets tired of me after about 10 minutes though...lol, so I play World of Warcraft.

What's your favorite geeky product to make and why?
Probably the vinyl decals. I tend to be a bit of a nit-picky perfectionist and there is something strangely soothing about cleaning them up and picking out all the excess pieces.