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Christmas Sale Interview: Decal Drama

Abby MightComment

The Multi-Vendor Geeky Christmas Sale is one of my favorite sales of the season, in part because Christmas is my favorite season, and I love supporting handmade! Oh, and I'm a huge geek. In case you didn't know. 

The shop:
Decal Drama
Palmer, Alaska, USA
Ships internationally
10% off your purchase
Instagram: @TheDecalDrama

Alright, who are you? What's your shop like?
We are a small, family-business based in Alaska (small business, not-so-small family :). Our love of words, fonts, and color fuel our passion to create beautiful designs. We believe in excellent customer service and delivering superior quality products.

How did you come up with your shop name?
I went to Las Vegas with hubby for a convention and while he was attending it I spent a lot of time poolside considering homeschool curriculum for our kids and how to take our little decal business to the next level. We wanted to find a name that described the company and clearly stated what we made. Being fans of Stan Lee, we loved the idea of alliteration (you know words that start with the same sound) and after several days of discussion decided that our decals plus the drama in our life made for a good name!

What's your preferred social media for your shop? Why?
We have been working on Facebook for a long time, so I know it pretty well (and we have almost 20k fans), but I am LOVING Instagram for its versatility and use of hashtags to find new viewers.

What's your favorite geeky product to make and why?
I love our personalized products... because we are creating a new generation of kids who believe the world needs heroes and they can be one!

What's your most underrated geeky product that you wish would sell more?
Well, everything! LOL, who doesn't want to sell more of everything? It has surprised me that our Harry Potter Sorting Hat poems have not sold more. We have one for each house--Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin--featuring our sorting hat design and the section of poem for each house. What a better way to show your house loyalty?
(sneaky little link to see)

What are you looking forward to the most for your business?
I guess the thing I look forward to most is that we can do this from wherever we happen to be and do it WITH our kids. Being close together as a family is my favorite thing ever.