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Multi-Vendor [Geeky] Christmas Sale

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It's time once again for the Multi-Vendor [geeky] Christmas Sale! 

This year, the sale will take place November 1-30th. All participating shops will be offering a discount of some sort, all available by using the universal coupon code XMAS15

Be sure to RSVP to the event on Facebook and invite your friends:

How does it work? Look through the list here and shop as you normally might. When you're ready to make a purchase, use the code XMAS15 at any of the participating shops to get a discount! The discounts all vary per shop, as seen below. I've also made sure to include the country each shop is located in, in case you'd like to shop closer to home due to time restrictions. This year we have shops located throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Below you'll find the complete list of participating shops in alphabetical order--easier for finding your favorites!

The Shops

Bead Treats by Trixie


15% off your purchase | South Carolina, USA | ships internationally
A variety of necklace and pendant, wire beaded, and seed bead jewelry, with an emphasis on size 11/0 adjustable seed bead bracelets.


CeeBee's Creations.jpg

CeeBee's Creations


$5 off your purchase of $25 or more | Minnesota, USA | ships internationally
CeeBee's Creations offers a variety of geeky, Creepy, and Kawaii jewelry and accessories. I primarily work with polymer clay and sculpt, mold, paint, and glaze wearable art. I also offer tote bags that are individually handmade just for you!


Cogwork Trading Company


15% off your purchase | Illinois, USA | ships internationally
We sell hand made jewelry and costume accessories for men and women with a steampunk flair. All of our jewelry pieces are one of a kind and are made using salvaged clock and watch components.

Custom Crochet By Amber


15% off your purchase of $8 or more | Alabama, USA | ships internationally
I sell Custom Handmade Jewelry and Crocheted Items of all kinds.


Cutesy Kats Crafts


20% off your purchase | Ohio, USA | ships internationally
Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more items not yet listed! Message the page for details.
I make a variety of felt foods, plush toys, plush pillows, and other various felt items many of which are listed on my Facebook page currently.


Do Bats Eat Cats?

dobatseatcats.com | DoBatsEatCats.etsy.com

20% off your purchase | Illinois, USA | ships internationally
Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more items not yet listed! Message the page for details.
Handmade gothic and nerdy chainmaille jewelry, all handwoven one ring at a time. My work is inspired by everything from Doctor Who to the works of Neil Gaiman to post-apocalyptic YA fiction.


Drowsy Aurora

DrowsyAurora.com | DrowsyAurora.etsy.com

15% off your purchase and FREE gift wrapping | England | ships internationally
Drowsy Aurora is officially your unofficial home for the most adorable hand-sewn felt plushies in all the land. Sewn with a touch of magic and a dash of joy in every stitch, these beautiful little plush figurines slumber as they wait to light up your life!


Empathetic Elephant


10% off your purchase | Illinois, USA | ships within US & to Canada
Gifts made with love for the people and things you love. Each item has been crafted with love and care! The Empathetic Elephant specializes in floral arrangements/decor, candles, soaps and other specialty gifts!


Galleria Gallifreya


15% off your purchase | England | ships internationally
I'm Gallifreya, and I make jewellery. From tiny bottled fairies to brilliant butterfly wings, all my jewellery is handmade with materials from the UK. I also like to design shirts, and four of my most popular designs are now up on Etsy.


The Geekerie


15% off your purchase | South Carolina, USA | ships internationally
We sell posters and prints inspired by nerd and geek culture, art, and entertainment. Everything is printed in house (with the exception of our XL prints) and all works are original designs.


Geektastic Voyage


10% off your purchase of $30 or more | California, USA | does not ship internationally
Being dissatisfied with the selection of products from her favorite fandoms, Geektastic Voyage decided to take matters into her own hands. She offers a variety of ready to ship bags, hair accessories, and jewelry...many of which can be made to order to your specifications.


Hidey Hole Inn.png

Hidey Hole Inn


15% off your purchase | California, USA | ships internationally
HideyHoleInn has two primarily geeky categories. The first is hand sculpted polymer creatures ranging from turtles to dragons to mermaids. The second is the use of various polyhedral dice as both features in the sculptures and as standalone pieces of jewelry and accessories.


Hippy Chic Diapers


15% off your purchase | New York, USA | ships internationally
I sell cloth diapers, cloth trainers, and children's clothing.




$10 off a custom animation celluloid | Pennsylvania, USA | ships internationally
I offer custom animation celluloids and illustration.


Jane's Sewing Corner


10% off your purchase | New York, USA | does not ship internationally
I offer eco-friendly alternatives to many disposable household products. For example, unpaper towels, cloth napkins, unsponges. bread bags and bowl covers are a few examples.


Jedi Lizzy's Geek Boutique


Free gift with purchase and 25% off your purchase of $10 or more | Missouri, USA | ships internationally
Handmade finger puppets, dicebags, gamer jewelry, plushies,embroidered scarves, pillowcases and much more! We also make keychains, lanyards and cosplay.


kreative studios

shopkreativestudios.etsy.com | kreativestudios.storenvy.com

25% off your purchase of $25 or more | Colorado, USA | ships internationally
From simple to elegant, geeky to awareness, kreative studios has something for everyone. Every family member can benefit from kreative studios!


Left Brain Right Brain


20% off your purchase | Connecticut, USA | ships internationally
Vintage and antique Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics textbook illustrations, dating back to the early 1800s (back when they were hand drawn by artists and not created by computers), preserved and set in silver. Each a one of a kind piece. Conversation starters for the science geek or guru whose life revolves around pi, Avogadro's number, the speed of light or a favorite organelle.





Free gift with purchase | New Jersey, USA | ships internationally
Handmade pottery and ceramics that feature quirky sentiments, bright colors, and functional formats. Everything tastes better in a mug you love.


Little Blob of Green


15% off your purchase | Texas, USA | ships internationally
Custom sandblasted glassware featuring images and sayings from everyone's favorite fandoms.


Nerdisan Boxes


10% off your purchase | ships from Michigan, USA | ships internationally
Handmade items. Geek inspired. Delivered monthly.
Choose which fandoms you'd like to receive. All items in boxes are from handmade shops around the world. 


Nerd Knitting


15% off your purchase | England | ships internationally
I sell knitted dolls and original knitting patterns from various fandoms, such as Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and various superhero series.


Nerd Pop Prints


15% off your purchase | North Carolina, USA | ships internationally
I make and sell art inspired by geek culture.Things like, prints of things I draw, custom collectible figures, altered Magic: the Gathering cards and anything else that inspires me to create.




20% off your purchase | Illinois, USA | ships internationally
The shop specializes in handmade fandom jewelry and lip balm. There is a little something for all nerds.


Never in Moderation


20% off your purchase | Scotland | ships internationally
A variety of items based around games from DnD to Binding of Issac.


Polka Dots and Ruffles


25% off your purchase | South Carolina, USA | ships internationally
Handmade geeky clothing and accessories.  


Quirkish Delights


20% off your purchase of AUD $20.00 or more | Australia | ships internationally
I have made it my mission to provide my fellow Geeks with the most adorkable, quirkishly delightful geekery that I can. I love custom orders, so let me know what I can make especially for you! I make everything from iPad sleeves and phone cases, to necklace pendants, earrings, plushies and baby mobiles among other things.


The Ramen Empire


10% of your purchase | Michigan, USA | does not ship internationally
Specializing in nerd themed vinyl decals, including anime, video game, comics and more! Decals are great for gaming consoles, computers, cars and more!


Robots are Awesome.jpg

Robots Are Awesome


15% off your purchase | Florida, USA | ships internationally
Handmade mixed media robot sculptures, from robot cake toppers to Christmas ornaments. Custom orders welcome too.


S&S ink.


Free shipping on US orders | California, USA | ships internationally, but won’t offer free shipping
S&S ink is a sister team who has been designing, screen printing, and rocking geeky chic since 2010.


The Scarlet Handcraft


10% off your purchase | Quebec, Canada | ships internationally
Crochet inspired in anything awesome and kind of eerie. I find inspiration in video games, movies, comics and anything geek.


Shea Chick Soap Company


20% off your purchase of $15 or more | Texas, USA | ships internationally
Handmade Shea Butter soap and bath products for the whole family. My focus is on fun, colorful designs with plenty of attention to detail and LOVE making Geeky soaps!


Spider Stitches Parlor


$10 off your purchase of $60 or more | Texas, USA | ships internationally
Our shop has a wide range of quality embroidered artwork patches, fantasy fairy wings, lace ornaments, war banners and digital designs that are sure to please a variety of bright and fantastic people. Whether you are a steampunk airship captain, fantasy gamer, loving rat parent, renaissance festival pageantry wearer, inquisitive explorer or just looking for something smart that fits your style, you have found your new home.


That's Incredibow


30% off your purchase | Nebraska, USA | ships internationally
I sell geeky embroidery designs, made to order versions of those designs, hand cut records, and work gear.


Tiny Giraffes

TinyGiraffes.etsy.comredbubble.com/people/nataliemparker/shop teepublic.com/user/nataliemparker | squareup.com/market/tiny-giraffes-2

Gift with your purchase of $20 or more | Indiana, USA | contact about international shipping
We specialize in the nerdy, the geeky and the cool. We make acrylic paintings, prints, stickers and watercolor art all with a geeky twist. 




Free Shipping and Mystery Geeky Keychain with your purchase of $30 or more | Rhode Island, USA | ships internationally
TRACIMOC takes homeless comic books and transforms them into a unique useable and wearable art. All the art is created from the original comic print, which allows each piece to be a great one-of-a-kind gift for all ages!




15% off your purchase | Ontario, Canada | ships internationally
Geeky Little Luxuries - handmade bath bombs, lip balms, oils, and delightful cuticle creams, all with a nerdy edge!